Organic Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is an important financial pillar of organically producing farms. Usually they earn more than 50% of their turnover with animal husbandry. The guidelines for organic farming regulate that animal husbandry is based on own fodder production. Thus, excrements of organically reared animals are not considered as environmentally harmful waste material but a valuable fertilizer. Animal husbandry certification is required whenever animal and / or animal products are to be marketed with organic label. Animal husbandry includes dairy (cow, goat buffalo etc.), slaughter (beef, lamb, chicken etc.), eggs (chicken etc.), honey (bees), fibre, wool etc.

While raising animals in organic system following points are taken into consideration;

• The wider issues of environmental pollution, human health on consumption of animal products

• Diversify in keeping as many types of livestock on the holding as each furnishes different nutrients at the household level

• Exploit the natural behavior of animals in their production systems to reduce stress

Organic animal husbandry promotes use of clean and healthy products from our animals for our own health, protects the environment, brings down the cost of production and is the system to watch for now and the future in the livestock production

Points that must be considered when converting a unit to organic system.

  1. The farm shall be under organic management and certification.
  2. Animals shall not be fed with feeds, which contain additives like growth hormones and other artificial substances which are not allowed in the standards.
  3. Animal waste shall be avoided as feed for other animals.
  4. Animal manures to be properly handled or to be composted before use in the farms.
  5. The animals shall be selected for breeding based on health and resistance to diseases and pests.
  6. Use only the herbal and natural treatment.
  7. The farm should strive to produce most of the feeds from the farm to avoid contamination from external feeds.

Foundation for Organic Agriculture and Rural Development provides the following services in this sector:

• Setting up of organic animal husbandry farms as per NSOP and EC regulation 834/2007.

• Advisory services for rearing of organic live stock & poultry

• Advisory services for conversion of conventional animal husbandry units to organic

• Advisory services on farm documentation for certification

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